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  • Damiana Trimble

What's A Simple Website?

We have discovered that a simple website is really defined by you. Whats simple to you could be considered busy and noisy to another. By definition however, a simple website is clean, organized, easy to navigate, and straight to the point.

At DT Webdesigns we use what is defined as simple as a basic construct to build any website project. We believe even the most attention grabbing website should be clean, easy to navigate, organized, and straight to the point. A website can be simple and still grab attention, in fact this is the goal. If your website does not pull your target market in then how will you ever

get to turning browsers into transactions.

The rule of thumb is this in regards to a simple website, don't stop here. Let the simplicity be the foundation and layer on all the eye candy your client will love and is looking for. CAPTURE THEIR ATTENTION AND MAKE THE SALE!!

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