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Custom Hangtags


Hang tags attract instant attention to your products and complete the look of your brand's packaging. At DT Webdesigns we like to customize hangtags with your logo design. Though a hang tag is small in size they are very effective in boosting sales and providing information.

Think of it as a business card. You wouldn't go anywhere without your business cards and so neither should your product be without a hang tag.

When you're in a industry that is saturated, an appealing hang tag can make all the difference.

If your products were grouped together with similar product to yours a hang tag can make or break a sale. Custom hang tags does so much more than simply identify your brand, they bare a message as to why customers should choose your brand over others.

AT DT Webdesigns we design and print custom hang tags that are appealing and engaging to

your target market. We design both the front and back of the hang tag with a special focus on

customer recognition. Our process is simple and easy. Get started today with our attractive custom hang tag designs.

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