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  • Damiana Trimble

Eye-Catching Book Cover Designs


Book cover designs must be evocative, eye-catching, plot-teasing, and marketable. A great book cover should be clean and easy to draw your readers in. It can be challenging to place all of your creativity on one space but it's absolutely necessary. We all judge a book by its cover, and who could blame us when a cover is all we have to go on for a book we have never read. How else do you sell a book that has never been read or known. Book covers with good graphics is one of the best ways to surely outsell those without them. Readers want to be excited and attracted to your book.

Set the tone with your book cover design before the start of your project. You will want your

reader to get an accurate idea of what your book is about from the first point of eye-contact. Think of your cover as a piece of the puzzle. It should not be hard to figure out or

understand. Be general and keep the design clean, symbolic, and appealing.

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