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  • Damiana Trimble

Impeccable Business Card


First let me start off by saying that a business card is an important tool for expanding your brand. The more you can be seen, heard, known, or accessed the better. There is no such thing as too much marketing or advertising. Having a business card at your reach is a great way to provide more exposure of your brand. That being said let's talk about having a business card that is engaging and appealing.

A great business card not only provides general contact information but it should also promote the feel and attitude of your brand. If your brand is all about luxury, then your

business card should feel that way and look the part as well.

Another great idea for your business card is creating a image on the front side that is impressionable. Place all of your contact and and other information on the backside of the card.

You are looking to capture their attention so don't start with information. Make sure your images

speaks to your brand identity and are clear.

Check out our business card designs at

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