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Find Support For Your Design Project And Learn More About Our Terms And Policies.

Project Turnaround

Project turnaround may vary depending on the type of project. For flyers, logos, business cards, album covers, banners, and custom graphics we typically complete these projects in 10-30 business days. For websites and packages our turnaround time is between 8-14 weeks please exclude weekends and holidays in this estimate of time. For all rush services such as 24 hour, 48 hour, or 1 week turnaround these rush projects starts one day after payments are made. Please note the edit stage will prolong this estimate of time. All projects with balances must be paid and finalized by the 30th day, there is a grace period of five days thereafter before the project is deleted if it remains unpaid or unresponded to. Also any project not responded to longer than 30 days is considered abandoned and we reserve the right to delete the project or to charge a $50 reactivaton fee


Deposits & Payments

For projects $200 and under all monies are due before the start of the project. For any projects over $200 we have a payment plan of half of total upfront and half at the completion of project. In order to receive your designs (i.e. printable flyers, website link with your domain, printable business cards, etc.) full and final payment must be made. All deposits made on projects are non-refundable. 

Types Of Projects

Every project at DT WebDesigns is unique, however at this time we do not design any projects with nudity, porn, or any type of explicit content. All of our website specials are built on the Wix platform. All specials are pre-designed and tailored to your specific pics and products. Please Inquire for information concerning other platforms as there will be a variance in our pricing.

Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds due to being a company that renders a service. The time we put into any project cannot be refunded and the value of the time spent on any project is to be compensated by the client. At DTWebDesigns we eliminate the risk of you losing your money and make it our business to work our hardest to design your project if we are allowed the opportunity. ALL DEPOSITS MADE FOR PROJECTS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.

Layers & Design Process 

1. The First step is to determine your next design project. 2. The Second step is to click the Get A Quote button and complete form details. 3. The Third step is our design team will contact you for more specifics around your project. 4. The Fourth step we will agree on a value for your project. 5. The Fifth step you will provide us the deposit to get started. 6. The Sixth step we will submit to you samples of your design(s) to choose from or revise. 7. The Seventh step you determine your final design(s) and make final payment if its over $200.  Please understand also for all Shopify websites we build out on Wix first because with Shopify you must have an account and being that we as designers do not have an account we only plug into Shopify after the design process is completed and finalized on the Wix platform when your login information is provided. You are solely responsible for ensuring we can add your website to your Shopify account as we are the designers only and not Shopify account holders. Therefore neither DTWEBDESIGNS or its employees is not liable for any costs if access is not granted us or steps are not made to give us the ability to add your project. Shopify is also a free website builder and is extremely template based so we build on Wix first because Wix allows us to build from scratch and create a custom website design whereas with Shopify you cannot build a custom website because they only provide the customer with a few free templates.


Design Files & Features

Please note DT Webdesigns only obligates itself to provide every client the following files for all logo designs in JPEG and PNG formats and web design.  We are not responsible for additional features to any website such as the domain name, payment processing, shipping processes or other. As stated by name we are web designers only and that we invoice the client for is web design all other functions outside of this spectrum deals solely with the third parties necessary to carry out these functions as DT Webdesigns is not a hosting company, domain company, shipping company, printing company, or payment processor.  All website projects include up to 10 maximum product uploads additional uploads are $5 each. Please note for all logo design files

needed beyond these formats we charge a fee of $50 additional. 

Package Revisions

Please note DT Webdesigns package specials includes 1 free revision on websites and logos. All specials and projects include 10 free product uploads. Our time carries a value of compensation, all additional time requested beyond the what the package entails will cost additionally. For logo revisions beyond 2 samples are a fee of $50 additional and websites beyond 2 revision are a fee of $100 additional.

Edits & Revisions 

At DT WebDesigns we provide 2 free revision before final draft has been issued. Once you receive the sample of your design(s) you can provide our team at that time a list of edits and revisions you would like to be made within the realm of your project. When our team submit you the revised version and you still need more revisions you are provided with another list of edits and revisions within the realm of your design(s) or package for free of charge. After your second free revision and edit list we charge an additional $50 per revision and edit. 

Advertising Of Designs

DT Webdesigns has the right to advertise any work designed and created by their team so long as it does not defame or harm a brand's image. 

Disorderly Conduct

Please note DT Webdesigns has the right to discontinue any service otherwise provided if the client exudes disorderly conduct or use abusive language, slurs, or any other name calling that is not company's name or given name.


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