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  • Damiana Trimble

How Much Does A Website Cost?

Websites can range from as low as $300 - $10,000+ depending upon your budget

and needs. Anyone can build a website nowadays, but whether its an effective and

engaging website for your target customer is what you must consider. When evaluating

the cost of a website you should consider the number of pages your brand needs for

your content. Also the amount of graphics you wish to have implemented on your website.

Consider the designer for your project because they carry different costs.

When agreeing on a price for your website project be sure the total cost is quoted to

you upfront and in contract form. This will help you avoid all hidden costs that may

arise later. Write down all your requirements and ensure that the designer on your

project can deliver all your wants and needs.

If you want to grow your business its time to start your website project today! To

get started visit us at We are the only design firm

you will need for all your projects.

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