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  • Damiana Trimble

What Is A Logo?

A logo is the identity of your brand. Please note it is not your brand, only the identity.

Learn the differences between each. Everyone knows what a logo is and many brands

are easily recognized and engaged based on this symbol. This is a great way to make a

lasting first impression. On a daily basis logos bombard us, they are everywhere, you can't

escape them. From our clothes to our food everything has a logo.

Having a logo to represent your brand can give your company the visual representation it

needs and draw your target audience without having to announce it. It certainly is a silent

seller for all brands. You want to be effective in communicating what it is your brand message.

At DT Webdesigns we elevate your brand's image by creating a high-impact, eye-catching logo

design that is effective and supportive.

Check out our Logo Designs at

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